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Ultra Low Latency Streaming for When Every Second Counts

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

For a growing number of app developers and streaming professionals, one thing is crucial for engaging users: fast delivery. And not the 18-45 seconds of latency typical of common #HTTP delivery methods, but near-real time speeds. Nearly 80 percent of respondents to one of our recent surveys said they need sub-10-second delivery to end-users, and many need to deliver in under five seconds.

Why the need for speed? Today’s apps must support #interactive experiences between #broadcasters and #viewers—which relies on #ultra #low #latency #streaming. These streams also need to reach huge audiences around the world, watching on a range of devices. Historically, streaming professionals had to choose between low-latency streaming and high-quality delivery at scale.

That is, until now.

Wowza's new Ultra Low Latency Streaming Service delivers with less than two seconds of end-to-end latency for audiences as big as you can assemble. Now available as part of the #Wowza #Streaming #Cloud™ platform, this revolutionary service provides a consistent user experience across devices and apps, so you can deliver reliable streaming anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Streaming When Time Is of the Essence

Real-time streaming is critical for end-viewers to make decisions—so every millisecond of latency counts. Not only do these viewers need to receive video and data in real time, but they also need to get it at the same time.

For example, in online gambling platforms, participants from around the world place bets based upon on-screen action. If some viewers are seeing streams before others, it puts them at an unfair advantage, hurting the user experience—and the wallets—of those watching higher-latency streams. High latency also impacts the user experience in live-streaming sports, when friends, family and social media feeds cause spoilers for streamers who haven’t yet seen the play.

In the financial industry, the stakes are even higher: Online financial traders need up-to-the-second information in order to adhere to regulations and avoid insider-trading scenarios. But the most serious implications for high-latency streaming are in security and public safety, where officers and first responders must respond to video and data feeds to address problems as they unfold.

The takeaway: When money and lives are on the line, latency will kill the user experience.

Around the World in 2 Seconds or Less

Wowa's Ultra Low Latency Service offers sub-two-second streaming on a massive scale. Deployed on #Microsoft #Azure data centers, with the most global POPs and nodes, this revolutionary video-streaming platform shortens the first and last mile, reducing congestion that can slow down streams. What’s more, it leverages innovative technologies such as #WOWZTM and #WebSockets to dramatically reduce end-to-end latency and time to first frame.

Intelligent load-balancing and auto-scaling capabilities are built in, so you always have the resources you need to deliver reliable, high-quality streaming. Wowza Ultra Low Latency Service also provides a consistent user experience across devices and apps, so viewers can place more accurate bets, make smarter trades and act on up-to-the minute intelligence.

As a managed, cloud-based service, it even eliminates resource strain and saves you the hassle of managing your own network. Best of all, you pay for only what you need—no expensive infrastructure costs.

Enterprise-Level Stability and Uptime

When every second counts, your streaming just needs to work. Intelligent monitoring and optimization capabilities identify issues before they start and automatically adjust streams, reducing interruptions and maximizing uptime. To ensure availability, this service also offers self-healing and auto-scaling capabilities.

With these tools, you get complete visibility, insight and control throughout your entire streaming workflow: from ingest to playback. This allows you to anticipate potential problems, prepare for spikes in traffic and optimize your workflow to deliver top-quality, reliable streaming to your end-viewers. And since it’s built on Microsoft Azure, the leading cloud computing infrastructure, enterprise-level redundancy and stability are available to everyone, everywhere.

The Wowza Ultra Low Latency Service meets the needs of users who need a reliable, managed streaming service in industries where every second counts.



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