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Highlights from the 4th Real-Time Streaming Hackathon

The 4th Real-Time Streaming Hackathon has now concluded and Ant Media would like to express our gratitude to all participants.


Here are the winners for the Hackathon:

1st Place: Tan Do & Video Analytics for Retail Stores powered by CamOS

Leveraging the Ant Media Server integration, the application now provides retailers with crucial insights into customer behavior, employee interactions, and overall security. The video analytics embedded in the application not only elevates customer experiences but also assists retailers in optimizing store layouts and product placements.

2nd Place: Rahul Kumar & StreamSphere

StreamSphere has evolved into a versatile platform for both content creation and viewing. With its seamless streaming content creation capabilities, the platform offers features like live streaming, VODs, chat, subscriptions, and a secure payment gateway. Streamers now have a dynamic space to monetize their chosen content.

 3rd Place: Balazs Jantek & Prometheus Exporter

The Prometheus Exporter incorporates a plugin designed to export server telemetry data in the widely-adopted Prometheus format. This integration facilitates smooth connectivity with open-source observability stacks and SaaS solutions.


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