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Join the Excitement: Ant Media's 2021 Hackathon Is Finally Here

Earn up to $5,000 with our Real-Time Streaming Hackathon! 👨‍💻 💡

Register now 👉

Get ready for our final Real-Time Streaming Hackathon of this year! It’s a competition where creative minds build new streaming apps and plugins with the help of the Ant Media Server and compete for tangible prizes!

 🥇 1st prize: $2,500

🥈 2nd prize: $1,500

🥉 3rd prize: $1,000

Eager to participate? Complete the registration form on our website anytime from December 1st, 2023, to January 8th, 2024.

Save important dates on calendar right now to get reminded 👇

■ 18th of December 2023

Meet Ant Media team, juries, and other hackathon fellows on a virtual event 😍

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■ 8th of January 2024

Hackathon day #1 Q&A with mentors 😎

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■ 15th of January 2024


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Let's democratize the live streaming industry together, making interactivity (video, audio, and data) as mainstream as websites are today. Ensure that anyone with a story to tell can do so without barriers!


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