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PLEDO is the Distributor of Dolby.io Real-Time Streaming in Asia-Pacific (APAC)

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Monthly Subscriptions of Dolby.io Real-Time Streaming

Who needs Dolby.io Real-Time streaming?

Millicast for Live Broadcasting


Millicast forAuction


Millicast for E-learning


Millicast for Sports and Events

Sport and Events

Millicast for Financial News

Financial News

Millicast for Post Production

Post Production

Millicast for Audience Interactivity

Audience Interactivity

Millicast for VR and eSport

VR & eSports

Millicast for Betting and Gambling

Betting and Gambling

Millicast for Social Video

Social Video

Millicast for Live Commerce

Live Commerce

Millicast for Emergency Services

Emergency Services

How are customers using Dolby.io Real-Time Streaming?

Who are the main customers using Dolby.io Real-Time Streaming?

Powerful Features


100% Plug-in Free

End-to-end WebRTC. Reach all devices without plugins, players, special protocols, SDKs or client-side framework requirements. Pure, universal, HTML


Smoother Streaming

Uniquely engineered for reliability and quality in the worst network conditions, and real-time means you never see any buffering.