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Automatic video capture to improve sports performance!

"When you’re an amateur soccer/football club wiling to and with ambitions to play at the next level: a video tool is essential”

With the PIX4TEAM camera robot, automatically film your team sports games.

Human after all

PIX4TEAM does not take the place of a cameraman: in most amateur soccer/football clubs there is not even one cameraman to be found!

On the other hand, there are video managers, communication officers or video analysts who cannot stay behind a camera during the whole game. Because it is not easy to follow the action of the game and frame it for 2 x 45 minutes. They are busy with one or more tasks, such as communicating on social networks, doing an interview at the start and end of the match, and do real time analysis on Longomatch and even do tactical adjustments to the coach at halftime etc.

PIX4TEAM automatically films the game without them having to stay behind the camera!

The video manager just install and configure the robot.

The communicator can start a live streaming on social networks and animate this publication.

The video analyst can have one eye on the field and another on the camera feedback thanks to the PIX4TEAM Remote app and do real-time analysis on Longomatch At the end of the match, he will be able to annotate sequences on Once, make tactical edits on RT Software and prepare a summary for the coach.

Flexible & portable

Many clubs are already equipped with a commercial camera which is a good thing since the PIX4TEAM robot is compatible with most cameras.

PIX4TEAM can also be used with a smartphone mounted on the robot! It can be used on the main field, as well as on training grounds, in the stands on a tripod or at the edge of the pitch on a mast, on the senior pitch or on the half pitch for the youth teams. It is nomadic and easily transportable in a suitable backpack.

It is the essential companion for a football club!

Technological products and videos, as well as digital tools have taken an important place in the daily life of a club, “these are essential tools today for performance” concludes Jim Toullec.


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