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Introducing Wirecast 16: Powerful, Intuitive Video Software for Building Your Brand

Wirecast recently released version 16 of its professional live video production and streaming software for Mac and Windows. This update brings a host of powerful new capabilities to video producers of all types.

The new capabilities in Wirecast 16 make producing content simpler, without sacrificing on production value or quality. Whether you are producing a remote panel session, streaming live to multiple destinations simultaneously, capturing a specific look and feel for your content, or if you simply need a hand during production, Wirecast 16 gives you the power to tell your story and build your brand on your terms. 

NEW AI-Powered Virtual Assistant: Your Personal Wirecast Expert

Productions don’t always go as smoothly as we’d like them to. And in a live production situation, you can’t always wait around for a support rep to get back to your ticket. You won’t be sitting idly by for an email response ever again. 

We’ve incorporated new advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to integrate a new AI-powered virtual support assistant directly within the Wirecast software. This chat-bot has been extensively trained on our support cases, documentation, and other technical materials to know all the ins and outs of Wirecast. Just getting started with live-streaming? Not sure how to set up a chroma key? Curious how multi-streaming and ISO Recording simultaneously might impact your CPU usage? Ask the new AI Assistant! 

NEW Zoom Integration: Remote Panel Productions Made Easy

One result of the pandemic is how easy it’s become to produce multi-presenter panel sessions, even when speakers are remote. Wirecast has always had the ability to bring in guests via the built-in Rendezvous tool, or even over NDI. But now, Wirecast 16 is coupling the most powerful video production and streaming software with the most popular video conferencing app: Zoom

With the new Zoom integration for Wirecast, simply join a Zoom meeting, grant permissions to livestream, and watch as all of your Zoom meeting attendees show up as individual sources in Wirecast. Easily configure your shot layout to display them however you want, bringing much more flexibility to Zoom-produced panels. Now, you can use whatever video conferencing solution you are most comfortable with and still have all the production value and professional branding capabilities Wirecast has to offer.

NEW Custom LUTs and Source Video Filters: Capture Your Brand Image

Speaking of production value and branding, one feature that Wirecast users have been asking for is now finally here: custom Look-Up-Tables (or LUTs). Apply pre-loaded filters in the Video Filters tab like sepia tone, or upload a custom LUT that represents your vision. These LUTs can be uploaded as standard .cube files.

Applying these video filters and chroma keys to individual shots is just the start. Now, you can also add these filters on video sources. This makes it so that any changes to the source take hold across your entire document, wherever it’s being used. So if you made changes to a custom LUT, for example, you only need to update it in one place. Then, watch it take hold across all of the shots where that footage has been added.

And That’s Not All…

We’ve also lowered the barrier to entry for video producers by offering low-priced subscription plans. These monthly or annual subscriptions include the latest-and-greatest software, access to our Stock Media Library, and the best support. No more wondering if your subscription is active, or if your license is on the most recent version! As long as you are subscribed, you’ll have the best Wirecast experience. 

Produce high-quality video content with Wirecast 16 today!

Click below to pick a plan and get started today.


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