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Priscilla, rider and PIXEM user, live streams her wedding day using her auto-follow robot

As we tell you that PIXEM can help on a daily basis, We used PIXEM on our wedding. My husband's best friend was stuck in New Caledonia so we set up the PIXEM robot and live streamed the ceremony.

Priscilla’s husband setting up the PIXEM

Of course, it was not the reason why Priscilla decided to purchase the robot at first. I used PIXEM last year for the first time to take part to a riding contest online and film myself. Now, the auto-follow has become a daily part of her riding routine. I use PIXEM more and more to film my trainings. I just put my iPhone on top of the robot and it helps me to film and keep tracks of my trainings. Plus, my mare is currently on physical therapy so I can witness her progresses and show the videos to the vets.

Thanks to PIXEM, you can just set up your robot, and focus on the moment whether it's a lesson/coaching session/rehabilitation and rewatch later a good quality video with automatic tracking and zoom to check what can be improved for next time. And it also comes in handy when doing live lesson with your remote coach. It's a feature that | haven't had the chance to use a lot et because of the rehabilitation of my mare. But it's perfect for the coach to have the automatic zoom to focus on details and have a good tracking. He can really focus on the training part! Plus no risk to have the cameraman getting dizzy!


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